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May Day Bank Holiday Visitors

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

The Museum was honoured to find an interesting ex-RAF wartime pilot visiting on Bank Holiday Monday. Jeff Skudder, a Flight Sergeant Pilot, flew the mighty P-47 Thunderbolt with the RAF and he kindly agreed to sign his name in chalk on the Museum blackboard to add his to more recognised names like Bob Doe, Tom Neil and Jimmy Corbin. According to Jeff, the Americans liked to describe their big fighter as an “Eight-ton, eight-gun all-aluminium pursuit ship”. The RAF fly-boys had their own description, which we’ll leave you to guess the last word! They preferred the description, “Eight-and-a-half tons of screaming s***!”

Jeff Skudder

A younger visitor to the Museum was 12-years old Callum, who skillfully managed to drop-in and land [Oh alright then! - pedal] and park up his little brothers Gee Bee Racer in front of the Museum entrance without pranging into the adjacent Luftwaffe bombs on display. Young Callum is a bit of a star who has already developed a strong interest in wartime history and he is keen to be a volunteer at the Museum, so we’ve signed him up!


With the Bank Holiday weather proving to be reasonably warm and sunny helped to fill up the Museum Teagarden as evidenced in the accompanying picture of the lower terrace. Hopefully this is a sign of many more warm and bright summer Sunday’s to come during 2008 – fingers crossed of course!

Tea garden