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2015 Season

The Museum is now closed for the winter season. It will re-open during Easter 2016. Thank you to all our visiting veterans, 'Friends', supporters, visiting public and hard-working volunteers for helping to make 2015 a memorable year - see you in 2016.

Post-Battle of Britain

Jack HammertonJack Hammerton - panelThe Shoreham Aircraft Museum since it opened in 1988 has maintained a strong focus in remembering the events from the summer of 1940 and having commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, that momentous period of Great Britain's history officially ended on 31st October 1940; but the surviving 'Few' continued to lose their lives and presented here is a less well-known post-Battle of Britain event relating to a Museum exhibit.

Luftwaffe daylight raids continued into November 1940 and RAF Fighter Command maintained patrols to counter the threat. During the mid-afternoon of 6th November, the Hawker Hurricanes of 615 'County of Surrey' Squadron were flying a patrol at 27,000 feet over Tangmere when Sergeant Pilot Jack Hammerton went 'missing' after apparently chasing some enemy aircraft. Not until 13th November was the squadron notified that the body of Sgt Hammerton had been found alongside the wrecked and burnt remains of his Hurricane at Noah's Ark near Seal in Kent. Aged 25, he was laid to rest in his hometown of Slough. Displayed in the Museum is a crumpled panel from the radio of Sgt Hammerton's aircraft, which he had possibly last used to communicate his intention to intercept enemy aircraft, a courageous action from which he never returned.

Pilots' Day - Commemorative Print

PrintFor those who missed our recent Pilots' Day, we have a number of commemorative prints available, costing just £67.50 + £2.50P&P.

You can order one by calling us on 01959 524416.

Prints are signed by the following:

Fl /Lt David Bowker 150 Sqn, Wellington Pilot
Flt Sgt Ron Dearman, Pilot Dakotas & Ansons
Sid Beaver, Lancaster Pilot & Typhoons
W.O. Sam Brookes, Lancaster wireless operator
F.O Maurice Macey Pilot 41 Sqn & 127 Sq Spitfires
Lt Keith Quilter DSC, pilot Royal Navy Seafires & Corsairs
Bob Woods, Short Stirlings
Sidney Pigden, Typhoon pilot
John Waye, B24 Liberator air gunner
LAC Ronald Evans, ground crew 609 sqn Spitfires/Typhoons
F.O Gerry Abrahams, Pilot 75 Sqn Lancasters
W.O. Neville Croucher, Hurricane Pilot 289 Sqn

"Finest Few" Print

Commemorative printWe also have a small number of commemorative prints available from our recent "Finest Few" signing day, priced at £35.00, including P&P. Each print is individually signed by Wing Commander Bob Foster DFC, AE, Squadron Leader Nigel Rose AE. If you would like to purchase a print, please call us on 01959 524416.

Private Museum visits for Groups

If you belong to a group, society, association or club and would like a private visit to the Museum over the summer, please call us on 01959 524416. We can offer bookings for weekday afternoons and evenings.

Museum interior Engine from a Junkers Ju88 The Museum's tea garden Blackout screen from the White Hart at Brasted - signed by 'Al' Deere, 'Sailor' Malan, 'Johnnie' Johnson, et al.

The Shoreham Aircraft Museum was founded in 1978 by local enthusiasts, whose passion for the Battle of Britain period resulted in the establishment of a permanent display in 1988.

The Museum houses hundreds of aviation relics excavated by the group over many years from crashed British and German aircraft, as well as items which have been kindly donated. In addition, there is a fine collection of flying helmets, uniforms and insignia. This, along with a comprehensive display of Home Front memorabilia, ensures a visit to the museum is both enjoyable and educational.

Artefacts are carefully arranged to support items recovered from local 'digs' or local happenings and displays are refined or changed regularly, making a second visit all the more enjoyable.

The Museum has a charming tea room, serving home-made cakes and refreshments that can be enjoyed in the large teagarden. There is also a gallery displaying a range of prints by renowned aviation artist Geoff Nutkins, one of the Museum's founders.

The Museum serves as a lasting tribute to all those airmen who fought in the skies over southern England during World War II.

All the proceeds are used for recovery and preservation of artefacts. Any remaining funds are donated to the RAF Guinea Pig Club, East Grinstead, a charitable organisation for severely burnt Allied airmen of Word War II, and one with which we are proud to have had a long association.