Signing Days

Amongst the Museum's most popular events are our Signing Days. Here visitors have the opportunity to meet distinguished World War II pilots and to get their autographs.

All proceeds from these events go towards specially selected Museum projects.

If you are interested in attending any of our Signing Days, please keep checking back for new dates and event notices on the website homepage. Due to the advanced age of surviving veterans, alterations to line-ups and last-minute cancellations may occur.

Where just one or two veterans visit for a more low-key event, this often allows the privilege to spend a longer length of time chatting one-to-one with them.

Amongst those we have previously welcomed to our Signing Days:

  • Wing Commander Peter Ayerst
  • Sergeant Harold Bennett
  • Air Commodore Pete Brothers
  • Captain Eric 'Winkle' Brown
  • Flying Officer Jimmy Corbin
  • Flight Lieutenant Mike Croskell
  • Wing Commander Bob Doe
  • Warrant Officer Jack Hodges
  • Flight Lieutenant Tony Iveson
  • Flight Lieutenant Richard Jones
  • Flight Lieutenant Robin Lucas
  • Wing Commander Tom Neil
  • Squadron Leader Tony Pickering
  • Flight Lieutenant Sydney Pigden
  • Unteroffizier Ernst Poschenrieder
  • Flight Lieutenant Ron Pottinger
  • Squadron Leader M.S Pujji
  • Feldwebel Heinz Radlauer
  • Squadron Leader Nigel Rose
  • Stabsfeldwebel Erich Schmidt
  • Flight Lieutenant Rodney Scrase
  • Wing Commander Wilf Sizer
  • Squadron Leader Gerald 'Stapme' Stapleton
  • Flight Lieutenant Jack Toombs
  • Flight Lieutenant William Walker
  • Squadron Leader Geoff Wellum