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It was a privilege on Sunday 6th November 2016 for Shoreham to welcome Joy Lofthouse, a veteran pilot who served with the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA). Joy flew a variety of RAF aircraft including the superlative Supermarine Spitfire and naval types like the extraordinary looking Fairey Barracuda.

Joy Lofthouse

Joy was kept busy signing books and prints and chatting at length in conversations with visitors; artist and Museum Curator Geoff Nutkins, presented Joy with his original portrait painting of her. The day was a great success with thanks especially to Joy, and additional thanks to Mrs Janet Nicholls who provided our special guest and her driver with a comforting bed & breakfast. Museum volunteer Ken Back did a sterling job providing the on-the-road escort to enable Joy to arrive safely and on time at Shoreham. Appreciative thanks also go to all the Museum volunteers and kitchen and tearoom staff who ensured all went smoothly and a thank you too for all those who supported the event in coming to meet Joy.