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Another recent sad loss to the numbers of ‘surviving Few’ is that of Wing Commander Bob Foster DFC who passed away in late July 2014 aged 94. Bob very kindly came to Shoreham in 2013 and was a very popular visitor. He flew Hawker Hurricane fighters with 605 Squadron during the Battle of Britain achieving several successes against the Luftwaffe. Bob later achieved greater success in combat against the Japanese when based with 54 Squadron in Northern Australia and he downed a Mitsubishi ‘Dinah’ on 26th February 1943, the first recorded ‘kill’ by a Spitfire over a ‘Jap’ aircraft. Attaining ‘ace’ status over Australia, Bob was awarded a well deserved Distinguished Flying Cross.

He left the RAF in 1946 and returned to his pre-war job with Shell-Mex and BP working as a marketing executive until his retirement in 1975. Latterly Chairman of the Battle of Britain Fighter Association, Bob will be much missed.